Open the window white kraft paper food bag Manufacturers and Factory

We want to create a uniquely designed art and bags for our customers.

Open the window white kraft paper food bag


Product origin : CHINA

Delivery time : 15 days

Supply capacity : 50000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Product Information

1 Product name Open the window white kraft paper food bag
2 Material Kraft Paper
3 Size customized
4 Shape
4 side sealed / black sealed/side sealed/special shape Mouth: Flush cut /Zipper/ Notched end, Open / Closed

Bottom: Heat seal / folded / Stand up

5 Feature
heat sealing,non-toxic,sterilized,moiture proof,durable,isolation of oxyen


Stand not open the window

Standing transparent window

Flat does not open the window

Stand a hole to open the window


Window Kraft paper self-standing bag capacity table (parameters for reference only)

Size(cm) Thickness (double-sided) Bottom radius Actual size Rice Jujube
9*14+3 28 silk 3cm 7*11 100g 40g
10*15+3 28 silk 3cm 8*12 250g 100g
12*20+4 28 silk 4cm 10*17 370g 200g
14*20+4 28 silk 4cm 12*17 500g 230g
14*22+4 28 silk 4cm 12*19 580g 260g
16*22+4 28 silk 4cm 14*19 800g 300g
12*26+4 28 silk 4cm 14*23 1kg 400g
18*26+4 28 silk 4cm 16*23 1.1kg 450g
18*30+5 28 silk 5cm 16*26 1.5kg 650g
20*30+5 28 silk 5cm 18*26 1.8kg 800g
22*31+5 28 silk 5cm 20*29 2kg 900g
23*35+5 32 silk 5cm 21*32 2.2kg 1.2kg
Size(cm) Pine nuts Peanut Tea White sugar Sunflower seeds Wolfberry chrysanthemum
9*14+3 40g 30g 25g 100g 100g 50g 20g
10*15+3 100g 60g 60g 250g 250g 110g 40g
12*20+4 200g 90g 90g 500g 500g 200g 80g
14*20+4 230g 170g 170g 600g 600g 250g 90g
14*22+4 260g 200g 200g 650g 650g 270g 100g
16*22+4 300g 220g 250g 1kg 1kg 300g 120g
12*26+4 400g 280g 280g 1.2kg 1.2kg 450g 150g
18*26+4 450g 380g 355g 1.6kg 1.6kg 565g 200g
18*30+5 650g 475g 490g 1.7kg 1.7kg 740g 275g
20*30+5 800g 550g 550g 2kg 2kg 800g 300g
22*31+5 900g 580g 580g 2.1kg 2.1kg 900g 350g
23*35+5 1.2kg 680g 680g 2.4kg 2.4kg 1kg 410g
Size(cm) Squid silk Candy Almonds Beef jerky Lychee dried Dried fruit Coffee beans
9*14+3 20g 50g 50g 35g 30g 50g 50g
10*15+3 40g 80g 70g 50g 60g 60g 70g
12*20+4 80g 170g 120g 90g 100g 100g 150g
14*20+4 100g 200g 150g 100g 130g 130g 180g
14*22+4 120g 230g 200g 120g 150g 150g 200g
16*22+4 150g 250g 250g 170g 180g 180g 220g
12*26+4 200g 380g 300g 250g 250g 250g 250g
18*26+4 250g 530g 400g 325g 355g 355g 275g
18*30+5 400g 740g 500g 490g 530g 530g 350g
20*30+5 500g 800g 600g 580g 600g 600g 400g
22*31+5 600g 890g 650g 620g 65g 650g 500g
23*35+5 720g 1kg 720g 730g 710g 710g 800g
Size(cm) raisin walnut powder Preserved meat Square sugar
9*14+3 70g 8g 50g 50g 80g
10*15+3 80g 18g 100g 70g 140g
12*20+4 150g 45g 180g 90g 280g
14*20+4 170g 100g 220g 120g 320g
14*22+4 190g 200g 300g 140g 350g
16*22+4 210g 250g 400g 160g 400g
12*26+4 230g 400g 480g 180g 500g
18*26+4 240g 440g 500g 215g 525g
18*30+5 275g 500g 610g 275g 575g
20*30+5 300g 520g 700g 300g 610g
22*31+5 500g 600g 880g 500g 755g
23*35+5 600g 700g 1.1kg 600g 810g

1. Can be sealed again with a sealing machine, easy to tear design

Sealing machine can be used to seal again, more sealing, easy to tear design bag easier to open, saving time looking for knives or scissors.

2. bold self-styled

Reusable zipper closure, excellent sealing performance, sealing convenient, easy to use, tensile.

3. Translucent frosted window

Carefully designed, using a matte translucent window, both to highlight your product, but also gives a great feeling of atmosphere.

4. Independence at the bottom, increased capacity, can stand

Thick bottom design, product packaging bag bearing capacity is stronger, and the bottom is not easy to fall, so more solid, more secure!


Q: How to make the order?

1. Inquiry: Pls give us the below details: Material, Size/Thickness, Printing designs, Qty, etc.

2. Quotation: We will give the price within one day.

3. Sample: We can design your logo for free.After all details confirmed,the sample will be finished in 2 weeks when sample fee well received.

4. Make order: When sample approved, confirm PI to place the order. Make 30% deposit by T/T or Open L/C at sight after your received our PI.

5. Delivery: When production finished, we will inspect the bags before delivery, then arrange the shipment with our forwarder.

6. Balance payment: All copies of Shipping documents send to you for balance payment, After balance payment done, Original Shipping Documents send to your via express, Client received the goods upon the original shipping documents.

Q: What’s the MOQ?

The order quantity of each type of product is different. please send us an inquiry in advance.

Q: What’s your payment term?

1) T/T.

2) Paypal.

3) West Union.

Q: Can we ask for custom made bags with private logo printed?

Yes, most of our products are custom made according to our clients’ request.

Q:  How to get a sample bag from our company?

After our price offer confirmed, you can ask for a free sample bag purposed to quality valuation. If this sample bags needs to make the printing cylinder, then we will request you to pay the printing cost and mould cost, as usual, this charge will be USD600 in total, including the shipping cost.

If any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact us!

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