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Analysis of the reason why natural kraft paper is easy to wrinkle

Natural kraft paper is widely quoted in the packaging industry for its high cost performance, but paper bag printing manufacturers familiar with natural kraft paper know that it has a fatal flaw, which is easy to wrinkle. What is the cause of wrinkling of natural kraft paper?

The weight of natural kraft paper is generally 60, 70, 80, 100 grams, and the demand for manufacturers to purchase goods are generally required to be flat. Therefore, the kraft paper should be cut from the reel into a paperback. However, when the reel and the paperback are converted, since the original kraft paper has a low weight, it is easy to cause the paper to be uneven or even wrinkled when the reel is cut. The slitting machine is prone to the above problems when cutting low-weight paper, which is actually caused by the low weight of the original kraft paper.

Of course, slitting equipment is also a factor that affects the quality of the slitting. Slitting is prone to wrinkling, which requires kraft paper suppliers to pay more attention to the degree of wrinkle control, and the serious situation is to flatten the weight to ensure that the surface of the kraft paper is flat.

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