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Anti-counterfeiting technology on color printing packaging

With the diversification of the way of packaging bags, the use of color printing bags is also becoming wider and wider. So how do you know how to identify the anti-counterfeiting plan on the color printing bags? Jin Bo Shi veterinary medicine bags teach you eight kinds of anti-counterfeiting plans on the color printing package.

(1) Sealing anti-counterfeit anti-explosion seals

It is a common anti-counterfeiting method to put a tamper-evident seal on the color printing package. For example, some domestic express mail sealing tapes, color printing and packaging sealing labels for food, computer and other commodities are attributed to such anti-counterfeiting plans;

(2) Color printing package contents anti-counterfeiting

The contents matched with the color printing package can also be used for anti-counterfeiting planning, such as anti-counterfeiting warranty card, anti-counterfeiting confirmation, anti-counterfeiting customer service card, anti-counterfeiting authorization, anti-counterfeiting manual, anti-counterfeiting device strategy, anti-counterfeiting device agreement, etc.;

(3) Color printing and packaging using special paper

Such as layered dyeing anti-counterfeit paperboard, this new color printing package anti-counterfeiting data is the layering dyeing of the inner pulp layer in the cardboard making process, using the tearability and sandability of the cardboard itself, extending the anti-counterfeiting function to the inside of the cardboard In the structure, any external printing skills can not be counterfeited, and then reach the anti-counterfeiting intention;

(4) Selection of anti-counterfeiting shading

The so-called color printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting shading refers to the combination of various anti-counterfeiting planning elements for creative combination and closely related to the personality characteristics of the packaging user, which is completely different from the special planning skills of business planning. These anti-counterfeiting planning elements include: personalized shading, anti-scan/copy planning, nucleus embossing balls, line embossed graphics, microtext, latent shadow skills, secret recording skills, masking skills, squat skills, scrambling views Skills and so on;

(5) Adding anti-counterfeit labels

The anti-counterfeiting label on the color printing package contains laser holographic anti-counterfeiting mark, anti-counterfeiting mark printed by various anti-counterfeiting inks, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting mark, thermal anti-counterfeit mark, telephone anti-counterfeit coded mark, etc. Used on color printing packaging;

(6) Using patent planning for anti-counterfeiting

Some products directly carry out anti-counterfeiting planning on the bottle body and the bottle mouth or color printing package, so in addition to the intent to achieve anti-counterfeiting, it can also allow consumers to leave a deep image, which is different from similar products in the mall;

(7) Special marking skills embossing skills

Secure embossing skills with implied text or graphics Holographic laser stamping skills are now one of the safer and more innovative anti-counterfeiting skills that have been widely used for color printing in tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It can also be used in conjunction with three-dimensional dynamic shading anti-counterfeiting planning, high-precision and high-quality refraction light pattern planning;

(8) Using laser holographic film packaging

The use of large-format printed anti-counterfeit holograms or general-purpose laser holographic films as color packaging materials, or composite on the paper surface, can also play the role of anti-counterfeiting.

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