Fair price bag non woven:Spring Marketing Opportunities for Your Small Biz Purchasing, Supplier Manufacturer Quotes

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bag non woven:Spring Marketing Opportunities for Your Small Biz

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and your business should be raking it in! Springtime has more holidays and days of note than any other season and your business should be taking advantage. If you’ve been looking for some “reason” to have a sale or a topic to create a marketing campaign around, here are your best bets.


Need we say more? Easter’s got it all – pastel colors, that bunny, and all the candy you can eat. You don’t have to be religious to celebrate Easter as the official “beginning” of Spring.

National Lawn and Garden Month

Think your customers would love some gardening materials or tips? Then April is the best month to advertise right to this base.

Memorial Day

May’s big holiday is a close rival to July 4th. It’s a great time to show your business’ patriotism and try out something red, white, and blue!

Make Up Your Own Holiday

March 26th is the day you can make up your own holiday! Maybe it’s something related to your business, or maybe to your clients. biodegradable tote

Earth Day What better day to show how Green your business is? Maybe you give out eco-friendly tote bags or host a tree-panting party in your town. Green brings good will! (And FYI, Arbor Day is soon after.)

National Teacher’s Day

People love to honor teachers and there’s no better day than May 6th. Teachers deserve a gift or a shoutout and if your business already markets to them, even better!

Mother’s Day

Did you know that Mother’s Day is one of the top 3 consumer holidays of the year? Tie in something to this national holiday and moms everywhere will love you.

National Bike Week

The third week in May is national bike week, another great time to show how eco-friendly your brand is. Create bike-friendly giveaway bags or maps of bike trails in your area.

National BBQ Month

May is also national barbecue month so if you own a food business, get on it! Barbecuing is practically a national pastime and people love samples (hint, hint.)


And of course, your business could use general “springtime” as a theme too! Bright colors, lots of foliage – people love spring. If you’re ready to move forward with spring-themed marketing materials, contact The Bag Ladies today. We’re experts at helping small businesses meet their marketing goals!

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