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brown paper bag:Trendy Wedding Guest Gifts (They’ll Use for Years)

Brides and grooms love being generous with their guests…did you know the average wedding guest spends over $530 to attend the big day? Why not give guests a tangible “thank you” for helping you celebrate; they’ve been with you every step of the way and they deserve a little love.

The best wedding guest gifts are pretty, useful, and they’re not as personalized as you think. It may be tempting to stamp “John & Jenna’s Wedding!!!” all over the gifts but all that does is ensure it’ll get thrown away on the car ride home. Think about longevity, practicality, and something unique when it comes to your gifts and they’ll be talked about for years to come!

wedding sunglasses

Sunglasses or Scarves

What’s better than a gift the guest can actually use during the wedding and reception themselves? If you’re having a summer wedding simply order stylish sunglasses in bulk or for a winter wedding, get some lightweight scarves in various colors (both masculine and feminine.) Guests will appreciate the thought when it’s sunny or breezy and they’ll get to use the item for months.


wedding tote

Custom Tote Bags

Perfect for leaving in guest’s hotel rooms full of water, snacks, and maps of the weekend’s events, custom cotton tote bags are perhaps the most reusable, practical gift you can give! The key is personalizing them but not too much: leave off your initials, for example…no one wants to carry a bag with someone else’s name on it! Consider instead using your wedding “logo” (maybe an image from the invite like a tree’s silhouette?) or even just going with the wedding colors for a subtle touch.



Homemade Food Item

No, not a bag of cookies. It’s a great idea to brew up your own vanilla extract, homemade lemoncello, or even home-brewed beer…and it’s even more meaningful if making the item is already a hobby you love. You can buy stickers or tags to incorporate the recipe, ingredients, and your wedding colors too.


wedding luggage

Luggage Tags

What a cool idea for a destination wedding! Find some personalized tags you love and on them print each guest’s name, address, and any other info you’d want on your own tag. Be sure you wrap them up tightly at each place setting so people’s personal info isn’t on display.


wedding plant

Something “Green”

Eco-friendly is no longer a trend, it’s a way of life and there are plenty of cool wedding guest gift ideas for even the greenest wedding. Consider individually potted succulent plants for a pop of color, or maybe you’d prefer to leave a packet of organic seeds at each place setting? Just remember to use eco-friendly bags or packaging to display the items or you run the risk of canceling out your good deed.

Planning a wedding, whether you’re a bride or a wedding planner, takes a lot of work and commitment but it’s all about the details. Guests will love the thought and personal touch you put into their gifts almost as much as they’ll love sharing in your big day!

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