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Chinese New Year goods in sinceyoungpackage

New Year is to buy some good items before the New Year, and the procurement process is called the New Year, for example, expensive barley sauerkraut is used to cook a good meal, to work hard for a year to celebrate New Year is coming. In some places, people will buy candy stockings in the whole box. When relatives and friends come to visit New Year, they are invited to eat candy and melon seeds. In addition, New Year's Eve service is a gift for New Year's Eve. Pops of chocolates and cookies are popular in urban areas. This is because traditional customs require some gifts when they visit New Year with relatives and friends.
What is New Year's goods? In times when materiality is not abundant, people's answers may be uniform. For ordinary people, the New Year is a table meal to eat a rare meal, the new year is finally trying to buy the new clothes, New Year is the children's red and green candy in the pocket, New Year's grandmother has been reluctant to buy small Felt hat
In the material-rich consumer era, good food is ready to eat, clothes are long covered with cabinets, sugar to eat too many children began to fear tooth decay, and the New Year did not know what to buy. For a moment I do not understand, let us look at the market situation.
Food sales rose very fierce, but can not keep up the rate of increase of clothing; clothing sales firm, but less than the hot digital products; digital products sales booming, car sales catching up; car can be a big New Year, but still others are waiting for New Year . Even the traditional foods such as food and clothing have become somewhat unconventional, and people buy back the new year's food is no longer a big deal, the new dress is not looking forward to a year, picked a dozen times before the determination to buy that set , But that looks good Tang suit, wearing a year only for the New Year that few days.
Market goods are greatly enriched, the concept of New Year's goods becomes difficult to define, and the New Year is also becoming a ritual, people feel the joy of the arrival of the year, in the trivial but warm ceremony, warmth transmitted pulse. New Year also became the release of consumer impulses, add a good mood for their own, New Year is mapped out the material life of the well-being of the well-off.
Some people say that the taste of the year more and more light. Perhaps, he means that every family can not see the pig slaughtering goat's steaming; can not see an old kid's temple fair to buy things that year hope for a year. But attentive you will find that the year flavor is ubiquitous, only a few days a year but unusually hot Tang suit sales; in the beauty salon competing to do card in the busy; in the appliance store to buy long-screen large-screen TV In the new car owners hold the steering wheel, with the whole family to play the plan; in the New Year to bring people happy. In the hope of the New Year, the year came quietly like this.
The Chinese have always taken the New Year as a major event for thousands of years. Before the new year to make a lot of preparation, to buy a lot of things to eat, use, wear, wear, playing, for, dry, fresh, raw, cooked,

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