Fair price cotton shoe bag:Are You Missing “Low Hanging” Marketing Opportunities? Purchasing, Supplier Manufacturer Quotes

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cotton shoe bag:Are You Missing “Low Hanging” Marketing Opportunities?

Especially if you’re a small business owner, you’re probably too caught up with keeping the wheels greased and the sales moving to worry too much about marketing your business, particularly when business is good. But there are dozens of marketing opportunities you could be leveraging each and every day and many of them cost you virtually nothing. Here’s some low-hanging marketing fruit you need to pay attention to:


Customer Retention

One of the smartest things businesses do is retain new and loyal customers. You’ve been to a sandwich shop that offers punch cards for repeat visitors, right? You can start this practice today by collecting contact information (email addresses are great) from clients or customers for future use with newsletters and coupons is a brilliant idea, and it’s free. Loyal customers will become brand advocates.

Branded Promotional Items

bag ladies laminatedSomeone comes into your store and buys something…why let the moment they walk out be the last time they think of your brand? You owe it to your marketing efforts to invest in customized shopping bags (particularly one’s that are designed to reflect your company’s style), and it’s a good idea to slip something branded in with their purchase, too. Think: coupons for later, a magnet for the fridge, or even a pen! It’s not expensive to make continued promotional impressions.

Free PR

You know the fastest way to get some good PR in your community? Become philanthropic. Not only will you feel better about your business you can use philanthropic efforts as a team building opportunity for your employees, too. Be a sponsor of a local 5K, donate a large chunk of time to a charity, or even host a philanthropic event of your own! You’ll likely find your business mentioned online and in the paper, at the very least.

Ask for Social Cred

Established businesses have a had time asking for social engagement because they feel like it’s not humble. Asking clients (or prospects) to “like” your business on Facebook or follow your Twitter feed doesn’t make you desperate, it makes you smart. Not only that, but following up with and continuously engaging with these folks is a surefire way to build up some free brand equity. Don’t miss out.

“Expert” Functions

People attending a CongressYou don’t have to be an actual expert…you just have to be willing to become one. Let’s say your business sells organic food: why not become the area’s loudest voice on organic food and wellness? Speak at symposiums, hold round table discussions, and reach out to blogger to tell them you’d love to give a quote or be a source. You don’t become an expert overnight, you become one by being persistent within your industry.


Are there marketing opportunities passing you by? You don’t have to spent thousands of dollars to build a brand but you do have to put in some time and effort. Grabbing onto the things other businesses aren’t is one way to stay a step ahead, and to create loyal, outspoken customers.


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