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cotton shopping bag:Our Favorite Marketing Campaigns of 2014

We love to follow what’s hot (and what’s not) on the airwaves, on social media, and in the news. Here’s a quick look at our favorite marketing campaigns from the last year. Tell us if you agree!

It’s More Fun in the Philippines

High fives

We’ve made no secret of our love for tourism branding campaigns. They’re fun, they’re engaging, and they’re usually more playful than traditional marketing campaigns. This particular campaign was great because the tourism board didn’t have a big budget so they asked the internet to create memes with the tagline It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

Share a Coke

share a coke

What’s better than seeing your own name on a product you’re already buying? Coke’s groundbreaking Share a Coke campaign taught us all the value of customized marketing materials – people ate the products up. Of course, Coke has plenty of money to spend on a highly-complicated campaign but still, it’s creative.


mels mini mart

Oreo had one of the cleverest campaigns of the year. They sent individual packs of Mini Oreos (as in…one Oreo) to residents of the smallest town in each state. They even made a Twee promotional video to go along with the campaign.



GoPro’s super-interactive campaign quickly made them the #1 Youtube brand in the world. Inviting users to upload their GoPro-shot videos to the site not only gave the brand tons of content to use on their own site and commercials, it go people buying the cameras like crazy so they could become internet famous.

Steak Break Up

a1 seak sauce

A1 has long been known for pairing nicely with steak but in 2014 the iconic steak sauce decided to ‘break up’ with red meat. They launched social profiles, commercials, and print ads announcing the break up which encouraged fans to use the sauce on other meats like chicken and fish. Genius!


Did we miss any of your favorite campaigns of the year? They can’t all be “where’s the beef?!” but we sure did love these!


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