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cotton tote bag:Promotional Marketing Trends for 2015

Well, the celebrations are winding down and it’s time to get back to work. 2015 is upon us and if you’re a small or medium-sized business owner, now’s the time to start mapping out your marketing efforts from Q1 all the way through holiday season. It may seem early but the sooner you start planning the better handle you’ll have on changing trends and you’ll likely get better prices on promotional items, too.

So, what should you be looking towards in 2015? Here are the biggest promotional marketing trends of the coming year.

Social Media Tie-Ins

As social promotions grow, expect smart businesses to start linking their promotional campaigns to their social presences. Better yet, some businesses are even building dedicated websites and social profiles for specific campaigns. This could mean a hashtag callout on a custom printed promotional bag, a free promotional product with a Facebook like, or any other way to get people to visit a site.

messenger bagHigh Tech Giveaways

More and more, promotional products designed for tech-usage are the next big thing. Travel-sized flash drives, tablet covers, and custom bags made for carrying laptops are a big hit with consumers looking for utility as well as form in their promotional items. A business that gives away products that remain useful for months (and even years) to  come will be remembered for the right reasons.

Budgets will Merge

As digitization and marketing join forces, budgets will merge. Gone are the days when X amount went to newspaper advertising and X went to the ad agency. Businesses are more and more taking marketing into their own hands, ordering custom products and dealing directly with producers for the lowest cost. Marketing budgets will grow in tandem with digital and communication budgets, and that’s a good thing.

marketingData Will Drive

Promotional products have long been one of the hardest marketing efforts to track. When it came to finding out how many people visited a store or bought thanks to a promotional reminder it had long been a guessing game. Particularly with social tie ins and digital marketing platforms, all marketing efforts are becoming easier to track and simpler to measure. A promotional campaign without a measurable outcome is so 2014.

Where do you see your business by the end of 2015? What are your business’ goals? Whatever they are, promotional marketing can help you meet them and probably for less than you think. How can The Bag Ladies help you make 2015 a banner year?

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