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custom kraft paper bag:What Millennials Want From Your Marketing

There are right around 80 million millennials in the United States alone. That’s a huge market!


This group of consumers is discerning, skeptical, and willing to pay more for better products. Your marketing should reflect their tastes and desires and meet them where they are. If you’re not already marketing with millennials in mind you’re missing the boat – in 20 years your client list is likely to be hurting.

So, how do you effectively market to millennials? Here’s what they want from your advertising efforts.


They Want Transparency

Millennials would far, far rather deal with a company that’s conversational, reachable, and engaging than one that’s constantly trying to sell them something. One of the best tricks to reaching the millennial market is to listen more than you talk. This is not an easy task for marketers! Millennials respect when companies are upfront and honest and aren’t afraid to segment their consumer markets.

They Want Service

More than anything, millennials are willing to pay for superior service. They understand that price isn’t as much of a factor as it once was since manufacturing and the internet have made just about any product available in a faster, cheaper version. Personalized service and attention to detail are worth paying more for millennials, so your marketing better reflect your stance.

customer service

They Want Inclusion

Exclusivity is important to this group of consumers and they love nothing more than “secret” deals and groups to be a part of. It’s why Kickstarter’s so popular! If you market to millennials in a way they feel like they’re in on something before everyone else you’re likely to gain traction. Word-of-mouth is huge among this group of bloggers, Tweeters, and talkers.

They Want Authenticity

Millennials are used to being advertised to – they’ve grown up with it. Don’t insult their intelligence by trying to disguise your ad as anything but…but be sure you sell your product well! This group will accept your advertising message as long as you’ve got something interesting to say and/or you’re offering them value of some kind. Use that window.

They Want Convenience

convenienceThis group grew up in an age where Amazon Prime can ship them items in two-days or less. They expect convenience, ease of purchase, and an informative website from your brand and you’d better deliver. Whether consumers can order your custom promotional products online or create their own design for a product right on your website, your marketing needs to show millennials you’re up to date with the current technology.

Marketing to millennials isn’t rocket science but it’s not as easy as creating a catchy “Where’s the Beef” ad anymore, either. This group is smart, well-informed, and hyper-critical of consumerism (even though they’re the biggest consumers of all) so you’d better adjust your advertising plan accordingly.

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