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free sample paper bag:Why it Pays to Work With the Little Guys

The little guys get a bad rap. We should know…we’re a small company! But here at The Bag Ladies we wholeheartedly believe there’s a lot of value to be had from working with a small business. Whether it’s a boutique marketing firm, a local advertising agency, or even a small-batch producer of custom printed bags (that’s us!) you’re missing out if you don’t look to the little guys first.

Let’ take a look at all the reasons it really, truly pays to work with the little guys:

You’ll Get Unparalleled Customer Service

You know what’s great about working with a partner who only has a few clients at a time? You get more of their attention! It’s simple math. Why let your small or medium sized business be a drop in the bucket with a big company when you can be a whole lot of eggs in some small company’s basket? You’ll notice a difference.

There Will Be Less Hoops

Nothing’s more refreshing in this day and age to pick up the phone and speak to a real live person, particularly at a company you hope you work with. Why jump through phone trees and fill out long, complicated client contracts simply because you want to order some promotional items or set up a distribution partnership? You can avoid those hassles by working directly with a manager or even an owner at a small or medium-sized business.

save moneyYou May Just Get a Deal

There’s a common misconception that working with big box companies means you’ll get better pricing. That’s not even almost true! In many cases, small businesses and online companies have lower fixed costs (less spent on insurance, excess staff, and brick-and-mortar locations) which means they’ll pass the savings down to you. Buying in bulk isn’t always the way companies lower costs, you know.

big businessYour Needs Will be Heard

Do you need a rush order on some custom promotional bags? Unhappy with the color scheme your internal designer picked out? Maybe you’re sick and tired of shipping costs and you want to cut them out completely. Working with a smaller company simply means your needs are more important and you’re more likely to get that special request or change made for you. It’s just that simple.


We LOVE small businesses! They need marketing and promotions more than anyone and we understand that their needs feel really, really important from their perspective – that’s why we make them important to us, too! If you need help with custom plastic bags or any other promotional marketing for your small or medium sized business, contact The Bag Ladies right away! We’re listening.


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