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How to deal with bubbles on the printed ink marks when the shopping paper bag is printed

How to deal with bubbles on the printed ink marks when the shopping paper bag is printed


The effect of a good shopping paper bag is customized, and sometimes it will directly determine the grade of a company's products. This requires us to check the receipt of the goods, not only to be careful enough, but also to understand some of this knowledge, to avoid making unforgivable mistakes because they do not know, do not know. But printing is not something that every business can reach. In the end, how can we understand this problem?

First of all, we must be clear that if there is a bubble on the printed ink mark customized by the shopping paper bag, the harm will affect the effect of printing the finished product. If the damage is large, it will directly lead to the failure of this printing. This is very terrible in terms of time and money, so we must plan ahead and prevent it.

Next, we analyze the cause of the bubble in the custom printed paper bag, and only know the reason to prevent it.

First, the surface of the custom printed paper bag has dust or oil stains, which causes the generation of bubbles.

In real life, we must have encountered this situation. When a drop of oil is on the paper, then there is no way to color it. Because the oil molecules are naturally repelled from the printed ink, and the printing is not colored, it is naturally easy to form a bubble on the surface of the custom printed paper bag. The same is true for dust.

Second, the ink itself is too high in concentration, there is a problem that the bubble can not be squeezed out, so the printed paper bag printed printed paper will naturally produce this problem.

Everyone will encounter this kind of thing when they eat hot pot. It is the oil that cools down. After solidification, there must be a hollow inside. This hollow place is because the air is squeezed inside the grease and there is no way to contact the air. of. The ink is also the same. When the concentration is too high, it is easy to form bubbles inside. These bubbles will cause the ink to be printed on the customized printing surface of the shopping paper bag, which will form a vacuum, which greatly affects the printing effect.

Third, printing shopping paper bags are custom-made when the speed is too fast, or the speed is not uniform.

Anything that involves the custom printing of shopping paper bags has a contact time. When your speed is too fast and the contact surface is not enough, it is very likely that printing will not occur. Although this speed is seemingly in pursuit of fast speed, sometimes such a method not only does not solve the problem of slow printing, but has a negative effect and brings new problems.

Knowing the reasons for the formation, then we can provide our own solutions to these factors.

First, for the custom-made surface of shopping paper bags with dust or oil stains, we only need to do the dust-proof and oil-proof work of the usual workshop.

Second, for the problem of too high ink concentration in shopping paper bags, as long as the appropriate defoamer is added to the ink, if possible, choose a hydrophobic solvent.

Third, for the third problem, as long as the speed of printing is reduced, then the speed can be solved by setting the speed to a uniform speed.

Other reasons are definitely there, but the main reason is these three points. After we have dealt with these three points, I think we should be able to solve most of the problem of printing bubbles.

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