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How to determine the specifications of kraft paper

Different requirements have different requirements on the specifications of kraft paper. It is necessary to divide the kraft paper into small specifications, and also to cut the kraft paper into flat sheets, and to divide the kraft paper into small rolls. In short, the specifications of kraft paper are varied. What specifications are available, but which specifications are the general specifications, and which are the special specifications, it is often unclear.

Generally speaking, in the domestic kraft market, the commonly used specifications are also called the conventional specifications. The kraft paper is a flat sheet of 787*1092, 889*1194 specifications, which is also known as kraft paper of positive and large specifications. Conventional reel specification kraft paper is 787, 889, 1020, 1092, 1194 specifications that meet the needs of the full printing of the printing house.

In actual demand, there are always some products that will be used if they are made of kraft paper with regular specifications. At this time, special specifications of kraft paper are needed. The so-called special specification kraft paper is any specification other than the conventional specifications. Kraft paper too.

For kraft paper mills, there are usually stocks of conventional specifications or stocked with large rolls of raw paper, in case of emergency, and each kraft distributor often buys kraft paper to cut into the specifications required by customers. .

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