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How to make an environmentally friendly paper bag

In this era of promoting environmental protection, if you are still using plastic bags, now you can put down your work, and spend a few minutes with Xiaobian to make an environmentally-friendly paper bag, work and rest, in the boring work, pull out a few For a minute, let yourself relax. Now Xiaobian wants to start talking about the method of production.

The materials prepared are also very simple, just wrapping paper, double-sided tape or glue, two leather belts, scissors.

Production process:

1. First cut out the prepared wrapping paper to the desired size.

2. Fold the paper in half at a ratio of 3:1. The left and right sides should be symmetrical, and then fold at a ratio of 3:1:3:1.

3. Use double-sided tape or glue to bond the two sides of the paper. Remember to fold the deep mark when folding.

4. Fold and stick one side of the paper bag as the bottom.

5. Select a piece of hard paper and put it into the paper bag according to the size of the bottom area, and fix it with double-sided tape.

6. Finally, fold the bag back to the appropriate width and glue the two kraft paper bags to the sides of the tape. A simple and generous paper bag will be ready.

When we understand some small knowledge, is it more clear about the concept of environmental protection? Will it feel that this manual is more meaningful?

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