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International air transport packaging materials knowledge

1. The packaging requirements for the goods are consolidated, indispensable and light.

In the normal transportation process, it can prevent the breakage of the package and the leakage of internal parts; no damage, deterioration or deterioration of the goods due to weight, conflict, vibration or changes in air pressure or temperature, damage to personnel or pollution of aircraft, equipment and other items.

2. In addition to the nature, condition and weight of the appropriate product, the shape of the package should be easy to transfer, load and unload, and easy to calculate. The outer part of the package should not have outstanding sharpness and nails, hooks, thorns, etc.; the package should be cleaned and boring. No odor, greasy and no pollution.

3. Goods carried under certain conditions

Such as animals, fresh and perishable goods, etc., the packaging should comply with the packaging requirements specified by the goods.

4. For goods transported in sealed compartments, packaging materials (such as straw bags, straw ropes, etc.) with packaging materials (such as straw bales, wood chips, paper scraps, etc.) should not be used for packaging (such as straw bags, straw ropes, etc.). Do not leak.

5. For goods that do not meet the requirements of the package, the shipper should be requested to improve or receive the goods from the package.

6. Powdered goods

If the bag is used, the outer layer should be coated with plastic coated textile bags to ensure that the powder does not leak out. The gross weight of a single piece of goods must not exceed 50 kg. If it is packed in cardboard drums, wooden barrels or plywood barrels, the barrel is not broken. The joints are tight, the lid is sealed, and the barrel hoop is consolidated and strong; in glass, the weight of each bottle must not exceed 1 kg. Use iron or wooden materials for outer packaging, and fill the box with padding information. The gross weight of a single item is not more than 25 kg.

7. Liquid goods

It is necessary to leave 5-10% of the open space inside the container, and the cover must be flat; it must not leak. For liquids in glass containers, the capacity of each container must not exceed 500 ml. The gross weight of a single item is not more than 25 kg. The box should be filled with padding and adsorption data to prevent sloshing or liquid seepage.

8. Not afraid of crushing goods

Can not be packaged, such as tires; goods that are difficult to count, irregular shapes, similar in shape and transport equipment, or easily damaged aircraft, should be wrapped with rope, linen or external packaging.

9. Fine and fragile, brittle and fragile goods

The gross weight of a single item is not more than 25 kg. It can be packaged by the following methods:

(1) Suspended packaging: use several springs or ropes to suspend the goods from the center of the box in all directions.

(2) Multi-level packaging: that is, goods - padding materials - inner packaging - padding materials - shipping packaging (outer packaging).

(3) Packaging of glassware: The foamed plastic and other padding materials that meet the thickness should be wrapped tightly, plus a corrugated cardboard box or wooden box, and the contents of the box should not be shaken.

(4) Anti-inverted packaging: that is, the chassis is large, there is a packaging of the carrying ring or the ridged box cover; it is necessary to use such a package for glass plates that are not suitable for flat laying, windshield, etc.

10. Large goods

The bottom of the goods with a large volume or large volume should have a sleeper or bottom support for the operation of the forklift.

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