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Kraft paper bag features

Kraft paper bag is a kind of paper bag. Kraft paper is non-toxic, tasteless and non-polluting. It conforms to national environmental protection standards. Kraft paper has high toughness and environmental protection. Kraft paper bag is one of the most popular environmental packaging materials in the world.

Coated kraft paper bags are commonly used in food paper bags, which have good moisture resistance, beautiful and generous, and are one of the more popular packaging materials in China. The coated kraft paper bag is based on a paper-plastic composite bag or a kraft paper bag. The specifications are based on the customer's requirements. Through the bending and laminating process, a waterproof light film is applied on the outer surface of the bag, and then heat sealed by a sewing process. Appearance: Natural, white, colorful kraft paper or stretch kraft paper. Inner layer information: natural, white kraft paper or stretch kraft paper.

Health and environmental issues are already a concern of most people. Kraft paper bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. Plastic bags can cause white pollution and pose a great threat to the health of humans and other animals. Nowadays, many paper bags will have plastic film on the outside, how can they be environmentally friendly? If the film data is that PVC will have a flaw in human health, the characteristics of the kraft paper bag are very suitable for environmental protection. The paper bag for foreign dry flow is a kraft paper bag.

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