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Kraft paper bag knowledge popular - tell you some knowledge about paper bags

Handbag printing common paper

1. The color expression of the coated paper is strong, so the planning style of the handbag can also be unique. In terms of printing technology, all the techniques in modern printing can be expressed on a small handbag.

2. Kraft paper bags and white kraft paper mountains are highly resistant to environmental protection and have recently been used in the production of handbags.

3. The paper used for printing on the handbag is mostly 157g/m2, 200g/m2 coated paper. In addition, 120g/m2, 140g/m2 white or yellow kraft paper is also used. If the handbag needs to be loaded with a heavier product, it is also possible to use 300g/m2 coated paper or a cardboard of 300g/m2 or more. If you want to further strengthen the strength of the handbag, you can apply the film according to your needs, contact the handbag planning, and put on a layer of light or matt film, which is more delicate.

Kraft paper bag forming process

After printing, the film is coated, and then the hole is threaded (usually nylon rope or cotton rope is used, and some thin paper bags are often used as paper rope), and the tote bag can be formed (for example, when the size of the handbag is large, the rope hole is required) Reinforce the rivet to resist tension).

It can be seen that the production technology of the tote bag is not disorderly. The process of wearing only the rope usually requires the completion of manpower, so the technical process is slightly messy compared with other printed products, which also increases the cost of the handbag.

Kraft paper bag planning

Planning the tote bag, the primary energy can be placed on how to make the tote bag special, printed and exquisite, can be impressive, and now, can be used repeatedly, environmental performance and other characteristics are also considered by the planners.

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