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non woven bag indore:5 Ways to Make Your Brand More Eco-Friendly

It’s no longer unusual to say you “care about the environment”…nowadays corporate etiquette demands you go easy on Mother Earth! Aside from gaining some good karma and perhaps a tax benefit or two, becoming more eco-friendly will endear you to your clients. The general public is clamoring for sustainable, re-usable goods and they expect the brands they buy to live by the same philosophy. Here are a few simple solutions for making your brand a bit more eco-conscious:

1.Go Digital.

This suggestion may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised to know how many companies, particularly small businesses, waste money on paper. Quit sending out snail mail invoices and paper brochures – you’ll save money on postage, too! The future of business are online solutions like email and cloud servers. Even better: If you’re regularly sending out thick catalogs, switch to an online product display system and put a business card with the web address in customers’ retail bags.

2. Think Reusable.

The easiest way to provide your clients with a reusable, eco-friendly solution is to provide them with reusable promotional bags. If you’ve been stuffing your wares into thin plastic shopping bags you’re wasting your money and killing the environment in the process! Investing in custom printed tote bags with your brand logo right on the side adds value to your client’s purchase and gives them incentive to start bringing their own shopping bags – and not just to your store! Much like T-shirts, promotional bags are a way to get your customers advertising for you all around town and you can rest easy knowing you’re doing a good thing for the environment, too.

3. Buy in Bulk.

If your business deals at all with tangible goods you can really make an impact by buying in bulk. Much in the same way eating local produce means you’re cutting down the transit time of your food, bulk products, particularly when ordered online, mean less environment-harming truck and airplane transportation. You can really save money, too, when you buy certain items in mass quantities…things like receipt paper, cleaning products and particularly customized items like imprinted bags are generally less expensive the more you order.

4. Do an Audit.

It’s actually pretty easy to do an energy and eco-audit of your business. The Small Business Administration has some simple guidelines to adhere to and you can have a local energy company come out to the office and do a full inspection for just a couple hundred dollars. Identifying AC leaks, ways you can save water and even sources of renewable power for your business are a step in the right direction towards being green.

5. Give Back.

It’s okay if you don’t have the money or resources to build a new LEED-certified office space, simply do what you can with what you have! Donating just a few hours a month to eco-related local projects makes a huge difference in your community whether it’s picking up trash or planting trees. And better yet, if you can organize a brand-sponsored, community wide eco-volunteering effort you can get tons of great marketing clout while you’re doing some good! If your project requires tools you can have them customized and they’ll instantly double as promotional items, too.

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