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We want to create a uniquely designed art and bags for our customers.

non woven garment bag:Personalised Tote Bags for Charities

Today we bring you these wonderful personalised tote bags for charities which were created through a superb collaborative work between the illustrator Supersinglemami and the NGO Kolam.

Custom tote bags, designed by Supersinglemami, sold to raise money for disadvantaged families in India. 

Custom tote bags, designed by Supersinglemami, sold to raise money for disadvantaged families in India.

Raquel y Víctor se ponen en contacto conmigo con un email, explicándome el porqué de Kolam, y el porqué necesitan fondos para sus tres proyectos que actualmente están llevando a cabo en Udaipur (Rajasthan, India). A mi se me cae la baba con este tipo de personas que van, ven y actúan, no puedo hacer nada más que admirarlos por su valentía y decir sí a lo que necesiten de mi para ayudar, en este caso, ayudar a equipar un colegio de Gorana, situado en una zona rural muy pobre, este es el destino del dinero recaudado de estas totebags diseñadas por mi, con las que este verano nos vamos a la playa … Espero que os gusten y que como a mi os hagan sentir un poquito más orgullosas de vosotras mismas por el hecho de contribuir a que la vida de alguien ( y en especial de alguna madre) que no conoces de nada, pero que no tiene tanta suerte como tu, mejore … Podéis colaborar comprando la totebag en la tienda de @Ong_kolam Feliz día suertudas! #ONG_kolam #supersinglemami #totebag

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The charity organisation Kolam was established in 2015 and has since produced 3 marvellous projects in India:

Slums in Udaipur: an adoption project that includes educating children in difficult economic situations or in distress along with a continuous review and family support.

Planting the future: educating and training people in farming as well as bring in the tools necessary to grow crops in two villages of extreme poverty: Khardi and Parevi.

Friends of Gorana school: an official school with 10 qualified teachers and 235 students fighting for their future to help bring their generation out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

It’s this last project that will receive the funds collected by these excellently designed charity tote bags. We know that cotton tote bags are great for many reasons; they’re practical, comfortable and recyclable but on top of that if they’re for charity, what could really be better?

Designed charity tote bags

In order to print multicoloured designs on to garments or any design with many colours or shading, we offer quadritrans, our excellent classic textile transfer service.

Why is Quadritrans so excellent, you ask?

Well, first it allows us to print photos and designs with no colour limits meaning we can print just about any image! Also, it’s very resistant and durable as well as being less obvious to the touch than other personalisation techniques, such as CAD-cut vinyl.

Custom tote bags

The bag chosen for this order was the Joytex Riad model:

100% cotton

Natural beige colour but also with other colours available


With two long straps (30cm approx.) for carrying on the shoulder

With a Confidence in textiles certificate which assures that no toxic substances or harmful colourants have been used in the manufacturing to ensure the safety and security of our environment and of our skin.

¡Cárgate de solidaridad como @mamisandkids! ¡Muchas gracias! #kolamOng #totebag #solidaridad #india

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We’d like to take the chance here at tshirts-uk.com to wish the NGO Kolam and it’s collaborators all the luck in the world with their projects helping people in need to improve their circumstances and change things for the better !

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