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organic cotton drawstring bag:Small Business Marketing Checklist for September

The month marks the beginning of fall and is also the best time to solidify marketing plans for the rest of the calendar year. Kids are back in school, professionals are back from vacation, and it’s the best time to hunker down and make decisions that will impact your small business for months to come.

Here’s a useful September marketing checklist for your small business, medium business, or fledgling startup.

1. Reach Out to Past Customers

The first step towards a successful holiday season is to reach out to last year’s customers to remind them you’re here. Offer them a loyalty discount, get them to order before things get busy, or just don’t let someone else grab their business before you have a chance to insert yourself.

sale sign2. Schedule a Holiday Marketing Campaign

Do this now before it’s too late. The holiday shopping season will be here before you know it! Plan holiday sales and coordinating email blasts, order holiday-specific marketing collateral like promotional holiday bags and holiday coupon calendars, and start beefing up inventory and staff if need be. Buying holiday ad space (newspapers, online, magazines) before the big rush might score you a better deal.

3. Plan Around Upcoming Events

Fall and Winter aren’t just about holidays. There’s Halloween, a brand-favorite, and football season is in full swing. Can your business do something to tie into one of these cultural waves? Thanksgiving and Black Friday are, of course, the big event, but Christmas, Hanukkah, and even Columbus Day are all holidays that need attention. Create a marketing effort for each specific event, festival, premiere, and holiday and you’ll be better off than crafting an overall “Holiday” campaign.

4. Get Social

Fall is a great time to build your online presence. Buy up some Facebook ads, start putting out online content, and plan an In Real Life event or giveaway you can promote via social media. If you start accumulating fans now you’ll be in a better position to score their sales when it comes closer to holiday shopping time and your efforts won’t seem so calculated.

tote bag thank you5. Issue a Thank You

When it gets closer to the end of the year you should consider saying “Thank You” to your most loyal customers of 2014. Whether that means sending out tote bags, giving them a store credit, or even hosting a cocktail event where you can thank them in person, star planning now so solidify your gratitude in their minds before the end of the year.


Fall is the perfect time to ramp up your marketing efforts and grab a foothold in your market. Having a successful fall and holiday season sets you up well for success in the coming year, and it’s a snowball effect from there. Just remember to plan ahead and act now…the last thing you want is to be playing catch-up when you notice how great every other businesses’ marketing plan is!

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