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Paper bag paper rope features

Paper bag paper rope features


Paper bag paper ropes, as the name implies, are handles or hand-held paper ropes on paper bags, handle bags, and environmental protection bags. What are the advantages of its operation in paper bags? I don't know if you have a deep understanding of it? The following paper rope manufacturers come to introduce you to the characteristics of the paper bag paper rope.

Paper ropes can be divided into a variety of types, and paper ropes of different shape types have different function characteristics, which will be explained below.

1, origami rope handle

The flat paper ropes are folded at ninety degrees at both ends, and the ends are fixed on a single piece of cardboard (sticker). The length*width of the rope is 32cm*1cm, the spacing between the two ends of the rope is 9cm, and the length*width of the cardboard is 15cm*5cm.

2, paper rope hand pull

Use single or triple strands of paper with a diameter between 3mm and 5mm and the ends of the rope are fixed in two tight cardboards (stickers).

Common specifications: small, medium, large, plus size. Card paper width 2.5cm-5cm;

Medium card paper length 13-19cm, spacing 9.5cm, rope length 30-45cm;

Large: cardboard length 23cm, spacing 11cm, rope length 35-45cm; XL: cardboard length 27cm, spacing 13cm, rope length 35-45cm;

Small: The paper has a width of 9-13, a pitch of 5-6cm, and a rope length of 25-32cm.

The specification of the paper rope handle can only be adjusted if the pitch is not adjustable. Others such as the length and width of the paper jam can be appropriately shortened, and the length of the paper rope can also be adjusted as needed.

Paper rope hand-held (with cardboard) commonly used colors are primary colors (cord and cardboard are primary colors), white (cord and cardboard are all white), black rope white card, coffee color rope white card. Common specifications for rope diameter are: 3mm, 3.5mm4mm, 4.5mm. Common specifications for paper rope handle are: paper jam width * paper jam length * rope length = 4 * 15 * 35cm, 4 * 19 * 35cm, 4 * 27 * 45cm and so on.

3, side by side rope

A paper rope that is arranged side by side with a plurality of thin paper ropes, referred to as a rope. How many strands of paper rope are usually used side by side.

The common colors of the multi-strand rope are primary color, white, black, and coffee color. The common specifications are 6 strands (diameter 7.2mm) and 10 strands (diameter 12mm).

4, the card paper rope

The card-head paper rope is a barb rubber buckle on both ends of the paper rope, which passes directly through the hole of the environmental protection bag as a handle. The length is between 33cm and 100cm, and there are white, black and brown rubber buckles.

Uses: The card paper rope is mainly used as a handle for various paper bags, green bags and handbags.

5, knotted paper rope

The imported kraft paper is used to make a single-strand paper rope, and then cut into the length required by itself, generally 35-38cm, and the paper rope is directly perforated and knotted in the environmental protection bag to become a handle. It is specially used for various environmental protection bags and paper bag handles.

6, punching rope

The imported kraft paper is used to make the rope, the paper rope is the original color 1mm10 strand rope, the rope is cut into the length you need, then the hole is put on both ends of the rope, and the rope is locked on the green bag with the nail buckle as a kind of High-end handles.

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