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Paper Carrier bag:Marketing Goals for Summer 2014

Summer is one of the most neglected marketing opportunities.


We get it! The sun is shining, your kids are out of school, you’ve got vacations planned. But if you own a business you owe it to your brand to take advantage of one of the slowest marketing periods of the year because other businesses aren’t. Now’s the time to set summer marketing goals that will carry your business into the fall and then into the Christmas season. Here are some summer marketing goals to set for the 2014 season that are likely to pay off in a big way.

Goal #1: Start Thinking Holiday

Wait, wait, wait…it’s only June! That’s why NOW is the time to get a head start on all your holiday marketing initiatives – vendors won’t be as slammed and you’ll be able to thoughtfully, carefully plan out the next few months before things get hairy. Go ahead and mock up your holiday shopping bag designs, figure out what kind of advertising you want to do, and crunch the numbers to decide what your Black Friday sale offer will be.

Goal #2: Evaluate Ongoing Marketing Efforts

evaluateSince summer is a “slow” period it’s a great time to really dig deep into your ongoing marketing spend. Maybe you’re paying for a digital marketing subscription you don’t really need, or maybe you need to bring on a marketing intern this fall. The next few months are the perfect time to get your ducks in a row and get a clear picture of what value your marketing spend is actually adding to your business.

Goal #3: Develop New Relationships

Likewise, summer is a good time to foster relationships with people you can’t find time to see when things are busier. Whether it’s a vendor, a potential partner brand, or even a college you hope to hire new graduates from, summer is a smart time to reach out and set up a lunch meeting. Catching people while they’re less busy (and possibly bored!) is a good way to ensure they remember you when business is rolling again.

Goal #4: Plan for Summer’s Events

july 4Summer is a season that’s unique. As a business, you should be taking advantage of its holidays (July 4th, Labor Day, etc.) and its trends (Back to School!, Beach Gear, etc.) rather than lamenting how slow business is. Additionally, since summer is a less “visible” period of the year it may be the best time to try out something new. Thinking of offering a Groupon? Or maybe you want to see if radio ads work? Why not buy placement in summertime when rates are likely lower.


Marketing is a year-round endeavor and unfortunately (or fortunately!), your customers don’t take the summer off! Using the next few months wisely sets you up for a successful, thriving busy season and you’ll be glad you put in the effort when you did.


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