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Practical Non Woven Bag:The Purchasing of Promotional Bags

custom promotional bagFor a large company there will not be a problem when it comes to ordering promotional bags, as they will be able to spend as much as is needed and will often have plenty of space to store them until they are needed. The problem comes when you have a small company and don’t have the money or the space to buy in bulk. You will find that if you want to buy the bags in a small quantity it is going to work out quite expensive as most companies will offer discount for large quantities but if you only want a few there will be little chance of getting anything knocked off the price.

Often the opinion seemed to be that if you only wanted a small quantity of promotional bags then it was really too much trouble and if anything the small company would be either discouraged from purchasing at all or would be forced to buy the larger quantity if they wanted to use bags as a form of self promotion. They were left in a Catch 22 situation which was either don’t go ahead and publicise and have the chance to expand, or pay the extra and see the profits from future sales eaten up.

Fortunately there are some small companies who are aware of the problem and decided that they would be able to help by providing the bags that would help small companies so much, but won’t insist on them buying too many. In some cases it is possible to buy as few as 1000, and there are few organisations that would want to further promote their company who would not find that to be a sensible amount to order each time. In some cases it will be possible to order them in even smaller quantities although there could be limits as to how many different colours can be used or how intricate the design could be.

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As it is the small companies that will need to advertise the most it is a good to know that you will be able to get your name into the community and not have to just use the plain and cheapest bags that you can find. Although there is a small amount that can be bought the companies will be just as pleased to produce larger quantities.

Finding a company that can provide a quick and efficient service will be ideal for a company that is likely to need promotional bags quickly. There can be little worse than suddenly finding out that you are going to be attending an event and there are no promotional bags for you to give away your samples or items that you have sold. Having them is not exactly free publicity but it is very reasonably priced publicity.

Once the bags are out there it will be noticeable how quickly the business should be able to grow. Provide the companies with the products they want – and through in a free promotional bag and you should see repeat business on a regular basis

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