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Printing production process of food packaging bags

Printing production process of food packaging bags

First look at the printing production process of food packaging bags:

Printing--checking--coding--compositing--maturing--cutting--making bags

one. print

The bags are printed and not printed. The cost of printing is lower than the cost of printing. Because one of these colors requires a plate roll, several plates have to be made for several colors. In the case of plate making, it is best to find a large company, and the quality and service are relatively safe.

The quality of the printing press is also very important, such as printing speed, correction in printing, etc. If there is a problem, it will have an impact on the overall delivery time.

two. Inspection

The inspection product is usually after the printing and the process, that is to say, if the tea packaging bag is not printed, the inspection product is not required. First, it is necessary to clarify that the inspection product is a machine, and the printed film is tested according to the set data.

three. add mosaic

For customers who have coding requirements, the product can be coded.

four. complex

Compounding is to glue several kinds of membranes with corresponding rubber friends. Some of the parameters are not emphasized. Here, the classification of composites is mainly divided into: dry composite, solventless composite, coextrusion composite, Extrusion compounding. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Fives. Ripening

Curing is the vulcanization of the adhesive, mainly the adhesive residue remaining in the front, and the different packaging and film packaging are different, and have different curing time.

six. Divide

Whether it is a bag or a roll film, it can be used for slitting. Because the printed products are relatively wide, it is a key step to produce the specifications required by the customer.

Seven. Bag making

This is according to the needs of users, some have to make bags, some do not make bags, common bag types are: three-side sealed bag, folding bottom self-supporting zipper bag, pocket self-standing zipper bag, double edging bag.

The production process for the printing of food packaging bags is completed. There are only a few things introduced here. To know more, you can learn more about this.

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