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PVC bag introduction


According to the different thickness of its PVC film and the use of different, PVC bags, cosmetic bags, stationery bags, craft jewelry bags, gift bags and other product packaging. Many high-end products manufacturers generally use PVC bags to packaging, beauty products, improve product quality, but its price than OPP bag / PE bag and so expensive.

production methods

PVC bag.

High-frequency hot-pressing PVC bag, that is, PVC film by cutting the sub-cut into pieces, the need to print the first silk (PVC mostly silk screen printing), and then use high-frequency machine hot and cold, generally need to order copper Mold and then to be produced. Hot PVC bag can be pressed into PVC sleeve bag, PVC embedded bag, PVC toothless zipper bag, PVC bag, PVC Zifeng Dai, and other models.

Sewing PVC bag under the printing of good, directly with a flat car or car and other sewing machine sewing machine sewing machine, the general will have nylon zipper and other accessories.


PVC bags to Guangdong more, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Fujian and a few manufacturers. PVC bag manufacturers have obvious geographical features, many areas do not have production plants.

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