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We want to create a uniquely designed art and bags for our customers.

pvc bag transparent:5 Promotional Items People ACTUALLY KEEP

It’s every business’ worst nightmare. Spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on promotional items just to see the conference trash bin full of them after all is said and done. Preventing this is easy: create promotional items your customers actually want to keep! It goes without saying the most useful giveaways are always best, but sometimes it’s hard to know whether something’s useful or just junk. With 24-years experience in the promotional bags industry The Bag Ladies know a thing or two about what customers really want.

5. Anything Wearable.

The items you’re going to get the most mileage out of, particularly if you’re using conference giveaways, are anything wearable. While printing hundreds of t-shirts may be out of your budget you may consider something smaller – branded sunglasses and tote bags work well. When your brand name is plastered on something wearable you’re getting free advertising every time the item’s used. And who doesn’t love a free pair of socks or even a lanyard?

4. Stuff for Work.

You know what people like? Pens. They’re boring and predictable but people actually keep and use pens, carrying your brand message longer and farther than you can even plan for. Other items we see used a lot include calendars (particularly sticky annual calendars for computers), mouse pads, and paperweights.

coffee mug3. Drinkware Sticks Around.

Tumblers are one of the hottest new promotional items this year and it’s because people just can’t seem to get enough drinkware. From coffee mugs to plastic cups, your brand on a beverage holder means your customers are going to take that giveaway home with them. If you really want to set your booth apart at an expo, serve fresh coffee in addition to your tumblers. Everyone will be carrying them around!

2. Green Things.

People have a weird attraction to anything eco-friendly and also seem to have a really hard time throwing them away. Items we’ve seen work well on the conference circuit are solar-powered calculators, packets of seedlings and, of course, reusable cotton tote bags. Customers feel good about your brand when they know you’ve got your eye on the Green Movement.

Bag Ladies1. Bags to Hold Loot.

The perennial favorite at trade shows, expos, and conferences are bags – laminated bags, plastic bags, and cotton tote bags. The bigger bag you can afford to give away the better as the biggest bag usually wins the privilege of carrying all the other giveaways scored. Your brand and logo get free advertising all conference long and you can bet people will be asking specifically where your booth is so they can get their hands on a bag (or two.)

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