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PVC Cosmetic bag:When Should My Business Give Away Promotional Items?

It seems like a relatively questions – anytime there are customers around! Not so fast…there are dozens of opportunities a week for most businesses to give out free promotional items like customized bags or letter openers, but some occasions give more return on the investment than others.

Promotional products are a $20 billion a year industry and there’s no doubt many of those dollars go right down the drain. The key to making sure you’re not throwing away your promotional marketing dollars is to give your product away to the right people! Here are a few occasions when it makes the most sense to come prepared with promotional bags and other promotional items:


It may seem obvious but industry trade shows are what promotional products were invented for. Any booth that’s giving away free gifts is naturally going to get more attention than one that’s not. Of course, you’re going to always have people who have no interest in your business but simply want the freebie – consider these people marketing agents for your business! There’s no better time to give away promotional bags than at a trade show…people’s hands are full with brochures, free pens, and plastic cups and they need somewhere to put it all – why not a bag with your logo splashed across the side?


One mistake businesses make is only to give free promotional items to potential customers. In fact, half the battle is creating repeat, loyal customer bases and there are few things that shore up loyalty better than a freebie. Not only will the customer appreciate the gesture if you give them something they’ll keep your brand won’t go out the window as soon as they leave your store. The more useful your promotional item, the better off you’ll be.


Consider what type of promotional item you’re offering. Are you giving away coffee cups? Calendars? How about custom tote bags? The best time to give your item away is in the environment where it will be used. If you consistently visit clients in their offices, for example, give them a freebie that they’ll use at the office. Wherever your customers will be when they’re making decisions regarding purchasing from you or not, be sure your item’s there.


Okay, not in the middle of enemy territory. But consider the customer base you already have and where you’d like to grow. Now imagine some industry totally outside the box and focus your attention there. It’s always smart to explore new avenues of business and you never know what kind of direction your company may go when faced with a new business challenge. If you sell hair care products, for example, don’t just give out samples at a hair show, go to a local food festival and hand them out there! Anywhere people gather is a business opportunity for you. Take advantage of it.


The possibilities for custom promotional gifts are endless when you invest the time, research, and money in products your customers will actually use. Whether for a one-time use or continued use over a period of months, giving away a branded promotional item is always an investment in your business that pays off when done well.


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