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pvc waterproof bag:4 Reasons Smart Businesses are Going Green in ‘13

You’ve heard it ad nauseum: Becoming more eco-friendly is good for Mother Earth! Recycle! Go paperless! The truth is, moving your business in a greener direction can be time consuming and expensive unless you’ve mapped out a plan. The Bag Ladies remind you of four reasons going greener in 2013 is a smart call for your business:

4. Being Eco-Friendly Can Save You Money.

Many small business owners are reluctant to make a move towards a greener office for fear of the cost. But fear not! Obviously green alternatives like ENERGY STAR appliances, refillable ink cartridges and recycled paper may cost a bit more upfront but they’ll more than make up for it in the long run. Choosing greener office solutions puts money towards your bottom line in more ways than one: the government offers enticing tax benefits to small business owners who make eco-friendly choices (check out a complete list here.) Don’t let cost stand in the way of you and an Earth-friendly business.

3. Going Green Gets You Good Buzz.

If you’ve been looking for a marketing angle to set your small business apart, Go Green! Making some auspicious eco-friendly choices like building a LEED-certified building or going totally paperless can get you a write up in a local paper or perhaps even a news story. At the very least you can use your changes for blog fodder. Going green in your marketing is also a smart start. Encouraging customers to reuse promotional bags (that you give them, of course!) builds brand recognition and turns your customers into walking advertisements for your business…plus you’re saving plastic bag waste, too!

go green

2. Eco-Friendly Companies Have Happier Employees.

Young employees are demanding green initiatives from their employers – it’s a fact. With most office workers stuck indoors upwards of 9-hours a day it’s important to focus on clean air, healthy food choices and of course, sustainable office supplies. Studies have shown that the greener the office, the higher employee retention rates and the lower employee-absenteeism…turns out going green is good for productivity!

1. The Environment Needs Your Help.

In the same way you recycle at home and turn off the water when you brush your teeth you should be paying attention at work to the ways in which you’re impacting the environment. Did you know the average business consumes almost 4 tons of paper a year? Limiting your environmental impact is not only good for business, it’s your social responsibility as a business owner. Going green is the first step in setting your business up for a strong, sustainable future!

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