Fair price sublimation non woven bag:Personalising tote bags with screen-printing Written by tshirts-uk on January 20th, 2016. Purchasing, Supplier Manufacturer Quotes

We want to create a uniquely designed art and bags for our customers.

sublimation non woven bag:Personalising tote bags with screen-printing Written by tshirts-uk on January 20th, 2016.

Shopping bags with long straps are everywhere these days and we’re sure that quite a few of you have thought about printing some with your own design more than once. Well, did you know that the best option would be personalising tote bags with screen-printing?

Personalised tote bags screen printing

Since the beginning of the recent environmentally-friendly revolution, we’ve started to slowly leave behind the days of the unsustainable plastic bag and begun opting for the recyclable alternative for our everyday shopping needs; something which our grandparents used to use: fabric bags!

Nowadays there are all types of bags for personalising available, made from all types of materials, in different sizes and colours. You need look no further than our very own online bag catalogue to see for yourselves the range you’ve to choose from: from classic shopping bags to gym sack styles, there’s even bags for carrying your bread.

Bags for personalising

Personalised bags

Once you’ve decided on which bag is suitable for you, the next step is deciding on the printing method. The majority of our clients often choose textile screen-printing. It is a customisation technique which always gives great, high quality results at a very attractive price. And the more bags you order, the cheaper it will be per item.

So, what do you need to consider when personalising garments with screen-printing?

This personalisation method doesn’t allow for shading in the designs.

It has a 4-colour limit for personalised bags.

In this example, the client chose the Joytex Riad tote bag in a natural cream colour which allowed them to include a fourth colour in their 3-colour screen-printed design:

Personalised bag screen printing

Screen printing

Printed tote bags

Another advantage of choosing screen-printing for your personalised tote bags is the speed. If you need to place large orders with a relatively quick turnaround time, this is the ideal option for you!

In case however, your design contains a photo or lots of colours or shading, we also offer several other personalisation techniques:

Classic transfer or digital transfer

CAD-cut vinyl

DTG digital printing

or even embroidery for something longer-lasting.

The list of uses for these customised tote bags is practically neverending. Many designers and retailers use them for packaging, assuring themselves with an extra advertising source every time the client chooses to recycle the bag.

Also they’re really helpful in events, trade fairs, conferences etc. to give out information, carry documents, advertising, maps, even personal objects… Finally, they’re also being used more recently for merchandising for bands and artists, not to mention as personalised gifts at weddings and birthdays etc. As you can see, the possibilities are limitless.

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