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The 3 way is to identify the gold foil material of paper box manufacturers.

We all know that the technology used by carton manufacturers on paper gift boxes is uv, bronzing, four-color printing, spot-color printing, laser, convex, and so on. But here bronzing is generally the first recommendation of packaging box manufacturers, because his metal color gives consumers a high-tech feeling, so the bronzing to It is also very popular with businesses from all walks of life, but how can we distinguish the quality of the bronzing process? Let's share with you 3 tips today.

First of all, we need to know what the cardboard manufacturer's gold stamping technology is, in fact, is to transfer the electrolytic aluminum foil to the paper by pressurization, then the first way is to observe the cardboard manufacturer's telephone aluminum foil paper appearance, a roll of healthy qualified electrolytic aluminum foil, its surface metal reflector. Excellent performance, cut or privately made small pieces, reflective by light, more like ancient bronze mirrors, and very smooth, but a roll of unhealthy electrochemical aluminum foil, his color seems to be relatively dull, this dull not because of dumb gold, but because of poor surface treatment, light The reflex is not synchronized, so observation can also play a certain screening effect.

After observing the electrochemical aluminum foil roll of the carton manufacturer, I still feel not reassured that there is still room for further action. That is, tearing off a small piece of electrochemical aluminum foil, spreading it on white paper, and scratching it with the nail. This is the simulation of hot stamping effect. This process mainly observes two points, one is scratching strength and the other is scratching. The effect of aluminum foil transferred to paper is not strong enough, the relationship between the two is not directly proportional, a gentle scrape of electrochemical aluminum foil on the metal luster effect will also be transmitted to paper, but may not be too solid and unstable, and the greater the force, the stronger the effect is the relationship between the two, if the use of machine stamping effect The result is very standardized also can see that the effect of hot stamping often has a concave situation, this is the reason, to make the effect solid, then hot stamping down the strength of enough, and the general force, enough to press down the cardboard, and like the manual operation in the text, is only used to verify the electrochemical aluminum foil. That is, whether gold stamping materials are one of the best methods.

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