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The paper bag printer tells you the impact of the printing process on the paper bag

The quality of a formed hand bag can be said to depend on the printing process, so today Xiaobian leads everyone into the paper bag printing factory to see what the paper bag printing process is, how do they affect the paper bag?

1. The viscosity of the binder and the content of the pigment

According to the interface chemistry, the penetration rate of the capillary is inversely proportional to the viscosity of the liquid, that is, the permeation rate decreases as the viscosity increases. The capillary network structure formed between the ink and pigment particles is an important factor in determining the gloss of the printed material. At the time of embossing, the ink as a whole is pressed into the larger pores of the paper; after embossing, the adhesive begins to separate from the ink and penetrate into the smaller holes of the paper. Therefore, the size of the ink film capillary determines the separation of the adhesive. Capillary retention is more efficient than printing pressure, pressing the connector into the paper hole.

2, the size of the pigment particles and the degree of dispersion

Although the role of the ink capillary is an important factor in the gloss of the print, the apparent size of the pigment particles in the dispersed state is more important, which directly determines the state of the ink capillary. Therefore, the pigment particles are small and well dispersed, which is advantageous for forming a smooth ink film, and is also very advantageous for improving the gloss of the paper bag printing.

3, drying time

The rapid drying of the ink film on the surface of the packaging paper bag can reduce the amount of penetration of the adhesive into the paper hole, thereby improving the gloss and smoothness of the ink film. The higher the gloss of the ink film means the higher the degree of specular reflection on the surface, so in most cases the human eye can see that the white light reflected by the surface is much lower than the gloss of the ink film, making the color saturation higher. So the glossy print looks brighter and fuller. The ink layer of the spot ink printing ink is mostly translucent or opaque, and the actual condition of the light transmittance of the ink layer on the dot color printing should also be considered when selecting the ink formulation.

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