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The vast market behind an environmentally friendly bag

Today, with the promotion of low-carbon and environmental protection, portable shopping bags with environmentally-friendly materials have entered people's daily lives. Plastic bags that pollute the environment quietly fade away from people's attention. The material of the environmental protection bag is roughly divided into non-woven fabric, cotton cloth, oxford cloth, nylon cloth, etc.

This year, the media launched the “two sessions of hot search rankings”. According to relevant data, the focus of netizens’ attention is environmental protection and energy conservation. In response to the government's call, several representatives attended the environmental protection bag and turned the concept of environmental protection into a move, which led to social attention. The "environmental bag" became a hot term.

Non-woven environmental protection bags are valued by everyone after the “plastic limit order”. As the name suggests, the raw materials are environmentally friendly and degradable, which is different from the “white pollution” damage of plastic bags. But we can't help but think about which occupational bags will bring a broad market for those professions.

What kind of shopping malls do you want to enter after an environmentally friendly bag? From the selection of raw materials, to the manufacture, to the sale of shopping malls, the market for green bags is faced with three potentials of shopping malls: raw material supply, manufacturing and single product sales. And the sale of single products over the years has entered the mall with fashion items, and the raw material supply is mostly combined with manufacturing, which can be directly divided into two parts: manufacturing malls and fashion single-product shopping malls.

From the perspective of manufacturing malls, the market sales of eco-bag manufacturers have increased year by year. In the past few years, the manufacturers of environmental protection bags have emerged in an endless stream. It is worth mentioning that many manufacturers have begun to use polyester fiber as the preferred raw material. Polyester fiber is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, namely non-woven fabrics. It can be placed indoors for 90 days. It can be used indoors for 5 years. It is non-toxic, tasteless, incinerated without residual substances, and does not pollute the environment. It is recognized as the earth's ecology in the world. Environmental protection products.

After the eco-bag is made, it is necessary to invest in the mall and accept the inspection of the mall. This is the second mall for eco-bags, and its market is also in the form of trendy items. The cost of manufacturing eco-bags is not high, but as a trend item, the design skill is the real effort. The design is to some extent a "increasing pad" for the sale of the mall, and a good design will be more easily accepted and loved by consumers.

Nowadays, many stars have now adopted eco-bags as the standard of fashion, and the eco-bags are reflected in the concept of environmental protection, which is easy and casual but full of fashion. Eco-bags are no longer a mother's product, but a favorite accessory for trendy hipsters. When a green bag is fully packaged, it is usually supported by consumers.

Counting the world-famous brand of green bags is not much, and LOQI counts the last one. The LOQI universal bag, which is original by German art masters, has polyester fiber, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also bears the weight of shopaholics. The “One Cloth Forming” sewing skill can enhance the durability of the eco bag, easily carry 20KG weights, and has a specially planned wide shoulder to reduce the pressure on the shirt.

Some people have seized the fashion business opportunities in the environmental protection bag planning. This is the personalized custom-made service for environmental protection bags. For example, CUCCI has invited stars to plan environmental protection bags and earned enough media spotlights. LOQI has developed a "customized" service, allowing consumers to plan their own bags, which is not only fun, but also adds another recall and value to this bag.

The development needs of the mall have a very forward-looking vision. The environmental protection bag can also serve as a window for the company to promote its own. It is an excellent choice to promote the company's trademarks, totems or as a companion gift.

From the 25th to the 28th of the "22nd China (Shenzhen) World Gifts, Crafts, Wall Clocks and Housewares Expo", LOQI will also display the charm of the green bag in Hall 4. At the time, Shenzhen Gift Show will occupy 9 major pavilions. More than 3,600 well-known enterprises from home and abroad will bring a variety of gifts and household items, together with the largest gifts, toys and household items fair in China.

According to the survey, if you insist on using environmental protection bags, you can use at least 500 plastic bags that pollute the environment in one year! An environmentally friendly bag is full of business opportunities from design to manufacture and sale, but we are more eager to integrate environmental protection into our everyday life.

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