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What are the differences between non-woven bags and plastic shopping bags?

Plastic shopping bags are consumables in daily life, and we consume a lot of plastic shopping bags every day. Due to excessive use and recycling, the serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution have become a major source of "white pollution". Many people believe that paper bags are a substitute for plastic bags. Paper bags can be made in different sizes, similar to plastic bags, especially for recycling and recycling.

Is it really environmentally friendly to use paper bags? Environmentalists are opposed. "The mass production of paper bags will lead to deforestation. It is actually destroying the environment and is not conducive to environmental protection. This is actually a misunderstanding." Relevant persons of the Gansu Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau said that paper can be recycled. The fiber is very short and cannot be overloaded. If the weight is to be increased, it must be plasticized or glued. Plastics are still needed in this process. However, if we consider the current scarcity of tree resources and other factors, once a paper bag is used instead of a plastic bag, it is necessary to cut down a large area of trees, which will result in ecological damage.

The non-woven packaging bag is strong and can be used repeatedly. Even if it is not for shopping, it is suitable for occasions such as handling, visiting friends and the like. "Ms. Tian, who works in a government agency, hopes to have a foldable cloth bag. When she is not using it, she will definitely be welcomed by the office workers. In the interview, some elderly consumers have less demand for bags, but they are very concerned about the shopping malls. How much is a green shopping bag, how strong it is, and how many times it can be used repeatedly.

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