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What if the printed kraft paper bag is horizontally ghosted?

Horizontal ghosting means that the shadow appears on both sides of the dot axis that forms the pattern or text, and the ghost image is light and heavy. In the process of printing paper bags, many printers are worried about horizontal ghosting.

1. The reason for the ghosting of kraft paper bag printing is the wetted base paper. The paper has been deformed due to the action of water. In the four-color printing, the width of the paper will change differently, or be long or short. It will also cause horizontal ghosting. The solution is to dry the paper and let the paper be flat before printing on the machine.

2. Another reason for this problem in kraft paper bag printing is that, in a common sense, there is a problem with the paper-feeding device, which causes the paper to be out of position. In this case, the dental shaft can be directly adjusted. The bushing clearance is sufficient.

3. We all know that the printing of kraft paper bags is mainly realized by rollers. In order to prevent the position deviation of the rollers due to movement, there is a thrust bearing. If the bearings are worn or loose during long-term use. The reason is that displacement occurs and the drum cannot be fixed, so that ghosting occurs.

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