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What is kraft paper used for?

What is kraft paper used for?

      A long time ago, "kraft paper" was carefully made from the calf's skin. Of course, this kind of "kraft paper" is only used when it is used to make the drum skin. The kraft paper used for your book is that after people learn the papermaking technology, they use the wood fiber of the conifer to chemically pulp. Then, put it into the beater for beating, then add rubber, dye, etc., and finally copy it into paper in the paper machine. Because the color of this paper is yellowish brown, the paper is tough, much like cowhide, so people call it kraft paper. In fact, the manufacturing methods of kraft paper and plain paper are not much different. Why is kraft paper stronger than plain paper? This is mainly because the wood fiber used for making kraft paper is relatively long, and when cooking wood, it is treated with caustic soda and alkali sulfide chemicals, so that their chemical action is relatively mild, wood fiber The damage to the original strength is relatively small, so the paper made from this pulp, the fiber and the fiber are closely related, so the kraft paper is very strong.

    Kraft paper is widely used. From the trend of packaging, including the development of kraft paper, the use of kraft paper is more and more widely. Using kraft paper as a packaging product or directly making products, it can What is it used for? Today, we will give you a brief introduction to some common kraft paper products that we use in our lives.

    For example, we go to the brand's store to buy clothing, and the handbags and boxes they provide are basically made of kraft paper. In the field of clothing, we can also see the file boxes used in the office. The file boxes are usually made of kraft paper.

    At the same time, the packaging of the wine began to be packaged with kraft paper. This trend is very good, due to its environmental protection, recycling and reuse.

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