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Why does the non-woven bag have a taste?

Many people think that the non-woven bag is a green bag product, and there should be no odor. What Xiaobian wants to say is that there are several situations in which odors occur. Please listen to Xiaobian.

One of the reasons for the odor of the non-woven bag is the problem of printing ink. Printing inks are something that the printing industry must use. There are also kinds of inks, such as water-based inks and oil-based inks. There are several types based on these two inks. Generally speaking, water-based inks are relatively environmentally friendly. Therefore, general non-woven bags manufacturers choose water-based inks when they choose printing inks. After all, this is an environmentally friendly product. When selecting materials, Still have to be environmentally friendly. Oily inks are relatively odorous. Because in the oily ink will be doped with a chemical, formaldehyde! The smell of formaldehyde is accompanied by the smell of the ink, so it is normal to have an odor in the place where the oily ink is printed.

Many non-woven bags have odors, which means that many manufacturers use oil-based inks when choosing inks. From the perspective of saving production costs, oil-based inks are cheaper than water-based inks. Therefore, many manufacturers produce them. Non-woven bags have an odor and are normal.

On the other hand, in addition to the relationship between the inks, the non-woven bag material also has a relationship. Generally, non-woven materials are classified into two types. One is 100% new material. The composition of this new material is polypropylene, there is no formaldehyde, so the new material will not produce odor. The common material will be doped with some back material. In the process of production, in order to make the return material and the new material well, it will be doped with some fusion agent. Therefore, the non-woven bag made of this kind of cloth is accompanied by an odor and is also normal.

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