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Will the non-woven bag become the next white garbage pollution?

As non-woven bags are widely used, more and more people are beginning to think about whether this kind of shopping bag called environmental protection will be a real ring for our environment as before the market launch.

As a result of the special advantages of plastic bags, in many industries, non-woven bags are not enough to completely replace them. The non-woven fabrics are degradable for their own materials.

Needless to say, the bag made of the non-woven material itself is much better than the plastic bag in terms of the environmental impact, so it is difficult to cause so-called white garbage pollution.

Worried about it should be a non-woven film bag.

In the promotion of some corporate advertisements, in order to achieve the best results of advertising, many times I want to make the printed patterns more excellent and attractive, so the printing will choose some colors.

The color pattern, the high-precision color pattern printed on the non-woven fabric is the film bag we mentioned earlier. In the printing process, we first print the color pattern on the OPP film, let the high pass.

The role of the temperature is to re-combine the OPP film onto the non-woven fabric. The material of a non-woven film bag is not just a non-woven fabric. In fact, a plastic film is added on it, because the plastic film is very

It is difficult to degrade, so it will feel that this bag will become a white garbage pollution, but looking at such a non-woven bag, due to its durability and aesthetics, many people will not be light.

Easy to throw away, generally choose to use repeatedly, a bag will take a long time, which is a good effect for environmental protection. In fact, every product has its own

The advantages and disadvantages are that we can make better protection of our environment only when we use these products to think more about the advantages and disadvantages of the environment.

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